Data Dilemmas


It’s Monday and besides the spilled coffee on your freshly ironed slacks, the kitty gift that landed up in your bed, and that you got your son to school after the bell rang, you feel it’s going to be a good day.

Right! (Cue the roll of sleep-deprived eyes)

As you step into the office, your normally efficient receptionist gives you a look that tells you that the messed coffee was not the worst that could have happened to you that morning.

Taking a deep breath in, you prepare yourself for the bad news.

“We cannot access any of our files, Sir.”

You frown and head straight to the nearest computer, hoping against hope that she just hasn’t logged in correctly.  But, alas, the files seem to have been blocked or disappeared completely.  You try another computer, thinking it may just be that one.  Yip!  Not working either!


What is Data Recovery?

The process of data recovery is, simply, when one needs to recover data that has been corrupted, lost, or damaged.   Most times it is because of a malfunction with the physical aspects of the computing system, whether it be the server or a specific computer, however, many times, it is because of a virus that has attacked the said files and/or data.

Other simpler reasons, and those that make you breathe a little easier, are when a vital managing file has been deleted in error.  This is when, very often, if the file can be reinstated, the system will be usable again.

Like with many modern setups, when they go down, we hit a panic, as we rely greatly on our systems and data. When it is your business that lies in the precarious hands of fate, you more than likely have visions of your company going down, and all being lost.

But, that needn’t be the case.

Having a reliable data recovery strategy in place will mean you can flick that rock off your back, knowing that your precious data is intact no matter what.

Why do you need Data Recovery Services?

Well, if the scenario before hasn’t convinced you that a data recovery program is vital, then let us hit you with some more scare tactics.

1.           Computer Calamity

We rely on our hardware more than ever now, and a possible physical failure, whether it be a storage drive issue or a malfunction to the actual parts of the device, can send our productivity and business into a vortex spin.

Recovering from this dilemma can take days if not handled correctly.  It is all fair and well having your data backed up somewhere in a cloud, but if you don’t have the means to bring it back and keep on working, then the back up is as good as receiving a free ride when you’ve already paid. (Yes, I just quoted Elana Morrisette)

2.     The Wrath of Mother Nature

Yes, she can be the mother of all mothers, so having a contingency plan after a severe storm, power failure, or even a fire, is a very clever idea.  But, say you don’t, then what?

The stats shows that 80% of all businesses that have down time due to a catastrophe, generally go out of business soon afterwards.

Don’t be part of that stat!

3.     Aaah, these Humans!

We are all human … blaa blaa blaa!  Human error is unavoidable, even expected, but that doesn’t mean you need to sit back on your laurels and not prepare for it.

A simple file deletion by a slip of a finger or a foggy brain operator can cause some serious heart attacks and time wasting.

We all are culprits in allowing viruses and hackers enter our personal domains.  Oh yes!  Our cell phones, iPads, and emails are easy access paths for those cyber thieves out there.  And, when this happens, it can very simply be side tracked into your business operations and data.

If your data is held ransom, what will you do?

How To Avoid Data Recovery?

There are some simple ways to avoid having to use an seo services company, however, it is still advisable to have a plan of action in place.

While cloud backup, external backup hard drives, as well as OS Utilities, can save your proverbial ass, oh I meant data, the matter of hardware loss can set you back heavily.

So, in essence, please make sure you have means and ends to protect your data, but consider the benefits of having a full proof plan to recover data should you need to.

How Does Data Recovery work exactly?

Dependent on what caused the need for the recovery, an analysis will be run on your entire system.  Very pertinent questions will be posed from the moment of realisation to a few hours before the issue arose.  All staff, including you as the owner, will need to be very specific as to the going-ons before the catastrophe revealed itself.

A deleted file needn’t be lost forever.  Putting fail-safe programs in place and on specific files can prevent files from being willy-nilly erased.  However, writing over an important file can render it gone-forever.  Data recovery services will investigate all angles to attempt to recover the vital file.

Corrupted data gets a little trickier, but sometimes, and only sometimes, can the data be “uncorrupted” when it turns out that it was the hardware i.e. the computer that was malfunctioning.  There are instances where the partition table is corrupted and certain software can sort that issue out too.

When a file is formatted, this can prove to be a real doozie to remedy.  In simple terms, it all falls back on where the files went to after being formatted and whether they are readily accessible via various means and paths.

When it comes to the physical damage to hardware, such as a hard drive or the actual structure of, say, a laptop casing, the chances of repair become a little dicier.  While a lot of the time the structure has only sustained damage and the software or files are easily pulled out, there are times when messing with the intricacies of the innards of computer equipment can result in more damage.

Just a spec of dust or an untoward current can affect the delicacies of hardware.  So, you will find data recovery specialists in this field do this sort of operation in a secure and ‘clean’ environment.

In ending, as you can now visualize, data recovery is a very real part of running a business, and while we do not wish bad luck on anyone, taking realise precautions is just what you need to do … today … now.

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