10 of the Best Social Media Blogs of 2018

The last year has been one in which social media really made its mark on the world of commerce and industry. You simply must have a social media presence to be up to speed with online marketing, or you will fast get left behind.

There are many bloggers who are very much in touch with the social media world, so here are ten of the best blogs on the subject for you to have a look at.

1: Duct Tape Marketing – this very straightforward, popular and useful blog is aimed at small business owners. It focuses on the subject of growing your business using leverage tactics via social media and online marketing, and really is a blog you should be looking at if you want to understand how things work.

2: Mari Smith – dubbed the ‘Queen of Facebook’, Mari Smith has excellent insight into how this most popular of social media platforms operates, and her blog is entertaining and informative, and keeps you up to date with the latest trends – especially on the booming video marketing arena.

3: Social Media Explorer – one of the most prominent, and a knowledgeable source of information on social media agency subjects, is Social Media Explorer, a resource that is unmissable if you want to get to the root of successful marketing and brand promotion online.

4: Web Ink Now – this blog, run by speaker and author David Meerman Scott, majors on engaging information on how to make sure your brand gets seen on social media, as well as written in simple and easy to understand terms that are suitable for the layman.

5: Rebekah Radice – one of the most successful of the ‘Social Media Influencers’ who are a rising source of information in this sphere, Rebekah Radice tends to get straight to the point when it comes to giving the gen on social media marketing, and has won awards for her blog and podcasts.

6: DreamGrow – focusing on the world of content creation and marketing, DreamGrow is aimed at both users and creators of content, and is a useful resource for both sides of the business. Neatly put together and very popular, it’s certainly one to note down.

7: Ask Aaron Lee – with more than 500,000 regular readers, this blogger from Malaysia offers a wealth of expertise in social media marketing via his blog, with business growth  being the major content subject.

8: Bad Pitch Blog – taking the inverse approach of highlighting the mistakes that other marketeers have made in social media marketing, Bad Pitch Blog handily tells you what not to do, and is well worth a read.

9: The Future Buzz – SEO and marketing expert Adam Singer tells it like it is in this well-written and to the point blog, so be prepared to have your eyes opened with some innovative and sometimes contrary views and ideas.

10: The Social Media Hat – useful especially for its list of handy social media marketing tools, this excellent blog will help you apply what you have learnt from across the board in the simplest and most effective way.

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