5 Qualities Any Successful Team Should Have


No man is an island, so the familiar saying goes – and, indeed, many of your greatest achievements have likely come into your reach due largely to others lifting you up. Plenty of us most thrive in teams – but the ingredients of successful teamwork are not always obvious. That’s strange, because many of us can think of examples of triumphant teams from various periods of history. Here are 5 qualities that you should endeavour to bring to any team under your management.

A clear, overall vision

You might already have a good idea of exactly what your team should aim to achieve. You should impart this to the team itself; however, those in its ranks should also understand how each member’s unique strengths can help bring the team closer to making its ambition a reality. Forbes explains: “When team members focus on delivering the difference only they can create, teams become strong and successful.” Therefore, chatting to each member in turn about this can reap surprising benefits.

Inspiring leadership

Every team serious about meeting its ambitions needs its own Winston Churchill or Steve Jobs; in other words, a leader capable of inspiring their followers to keep working towards the ultimate goal. If you want to provide that kind of leadership, then don’t lose sight of communicating the vision, the need for humility, and openness to feedback – including criticism, a subject on which I will soon focus even more. Also, don’t resist delegating certain responsibilities where apparently appropriate.

Willingness to take constructive criticism

A team can be successful, but it can never truly be the finished article; there can always be room for improvement. The process of developing and learning never ends; for that reason, your team can always benefit from not only taking account of constructive criticism, but actively encouraging it. Individual members can regularly ask each other for advice. This is good for team spirit, as it shows that these members respect each other’s views and are willing to act on them if deemed necessary.

Ability to give credit where due

Your workers need to know not only where they are going wrong, but also where they are getting things right. To ensure this, you should encourage these workers to show their appreciation when cohorts succeed in reaching various goals. Those don’t necessarily have to be big goals; remember that the biggest journeys still all start with a single step. You should disregard the unhelpful myth that recognising such achievements is a responsibility that lies only with the manager. Software from Cloudstream Partners could help businesses in this, as it can visualise both high and low points.

Sparkling chemistry

This is something that can’t be forced if it isn’t there. It depends on gathering the right selection of people. However, when that special chemistry does emerge, your workers’ brains will make more oxytocin, Inc.enthuses. This hormone assists in making us feel better-connected to others – and a team producing oxytocin more strongly can, thus, be more unified in its vision as well.


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