6 Ways to Effectively Market Your Blog for Free

Blogging has potential to be an incredible method for sharing information with others as well as generating a bit of revenue. It’s often used by businesses to attract potential buyers and increase a brand’s online reputation. While there are many ways you can market the blog to improve traffic, most efficient methods cost money. Luckily, there are plenty of free ways you can increase this traffic for free.

1. Social Media

Social media is widely used by millions upon millions of people around the globe. Using professional pages, you can share your blog posts with a large number of people. It may be better if you create pages for these social platforms in order to separate your personal lifestyle from your professional views. Each time you create a blog post, make sure you share it with all of your social accounts.

2. Mass Sharing

Buffer and Hootsuite offer free versions of their tools that will allow you to share your blog posts with the most popular of social media – all from one interface. This means you can send a post to Twitter, Facebook and Google+ without having to switch to each one individually.

3. Email Subscriber Lists

Email is still one of the most cost effective solutions for marketing information on the Internet. By building a newsletter or other digital campaign, you can send the blog information to a large number of people without spending anything extra.

4. Online Forums

By participating in online forums that are relevant to your blog’s topic, you can help others while generating traffic. The more you’re active on these platforms, the better. This is especially true if your capable of solving a variety of problems for others. Offer real-world information that people can benefit from in order to build your reputation as a professional.

5. Guest Blogging

Other blog owners allow individuals to write content that links back to their own websites. While backlinks are not as prevalent as they were in the past, it’s still beneficial for the blog and can offer a link to allow people to click on to visit your site. Some blog owners may even pay you for the content, but those opportunities are somewhat rare.

6. The Share Button

If you use management systems such as WordPress, you can install free widgets for your site that will allow people to share your content with others. This encourages the traditional “word-of-mouth” advertising. Essentially, you allow other people to market your content for you simply by putting share buttons on your blog posts.

Using content management systems such as WordPress, you can reach out to a lot of people on the Internet with the right marketing campaign. Although paid services are usually better at generating interest for the website, it is still possible to build a good reputation by utilizing the tools that are free. It’s all about how you develop your strategy and blogging practice. The right domain names, site features and personal interaction often play a greater role in success than several paid advertising methods.

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