Accessories for your iPhone 6

Owning an iPhone5S doesn’t just mean that you’ve got a great phone. It also means that you’ve got endless opportunities to go online and satisfy even the most extreme retail therapy need with a veritable avalanche of different accessories. From shells to sports performance equipment, battery packs to furry covers (we kid you not), accessories for the iPhone5S cover every eventuality. Here is our selection of five of the best:

#1 – Getting fit with the Fuelband

Nike’s Fuelband has been around for a while now, but that doesn’t mean it’s redundant just yet. It’s teamed up with Apple and now users can access the Fuelband app on their iPhone5S to download performance data with ease. The Fuelband lets the wearer track their daily levels of physical activity, how many steps they take and the amount of calories burned. The information from the wristband is integrated into the Nike+ online community and phone application, which is accessible via the iPhone5S. It let’s you set your own fitness goals and monitor your results, as well as motivating yourself by comparing your results to others in the community. A great accessory for tech lovers who are also not strangers to the gym.

#2 popSLATE and Plastic Logic’s EPD display cover

A high-tech collaboration between popSLATE and Plastic Logic has resulted in an innovative and super-smart new accessory that will appeal to almost every single iPhone5S user. The two companies have combined state-of-the-art technology from Plastic Logic with styling from popSLATE to incorporate a secondary electrophoretic display (EPD) into the iPhone’s casing. This ultra-thin and lightweight secondary screen is daylight readable and shatterproof. It incorporates the ‘always-on’ principle of EPD technology, which only needs to draw power to create a new image, not to sustain a static one. So as long as you keep the same image on the display, there’s no change in your battery power levels.

Users log on to the popSLATE app, where they can customise their case with their own images or create dashboards that include their favourite apps. The at-a-glance system gives any iPhone5S an extra dimension, and is simple to use as it works from intuitive technology that users are already familiar with.

#3 – iKit NuCharge 1900 mAh Battery Pack & Case

This awesome accessory is a must-have that you’ll wonder how you ever did without. It’s a clever combination of a battery pack and a stylish iPhone 5S case, which uses the battery as an extra layer of protection. This does add a bit of bulk to your phone, but on the plus side it more than doubles your battery life – a major bone of contention with all smartphone users. It results in over 24 hours of 3G talk-time or Wi-Fi browsing, and you could be going for as long as two days in between recharges, as long as you don’t overdo the usage.

#4 – Olloclip lens attachment

Almost as important as the phone function on an iPhone5S is the camera. But have you ever felt that your photography could do with a bit of a boost? Step forward the Olloclip  – a small, lens attachment that fits onto the corner of the phone. This gives you three lenses in one handy attachment: a macro, a fish-eye and a wide angle. The wide angle is particularly useful, as it gets around the inherent problem of iPhone’s notoriously narrow imaging problem, and can be used for both still and video capture.

#5 Protection and great looks

Finally, a very simple little accessory that has a big impact – Tech21’s Impact Band. This simple to fit sideband gives added levels of protection to the back and sides of the phone by using what the company calls “Impactology,” without limiting accessibility to ports and buttons.

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