Be Sure To Protect Your New iPhone 6 Plus With A Vinyl Skin

Name any smartphone that’s considered an inexpensive option and you’re likely settling for a free phone from your cell provider. It’s set so low for a reason; your provider wants to get rid of it. Any mobile worth having comes with a bit of a price tag, and that’s especially true for the iPhone 6 Plus. To make sure you iPhone lasts as long as possible, you need to take measures to protect it from damage.

For something as valuable as the 6 Plus, many people think that a case is necessary. Indeed, they think it’s mandatory in order to use it with as much frequency as they do. But part of the appeal of any Apple product is the sleek silhouette that it creates. When you put it in a case, not only are you hiding the main features of your phone, but you’re making it nearly impossible to use. Already a considerably large phone, the addition of the case makes it unwieldy to use. That’s the exact opposite effect you want on something you use constantly throughout the day.

An alternative that’s better suited to the specs of the 6 Plus is a vinyl skin. It only adds scant millimetres to your phone, and its material doesn’t skimp on protection. It saves your phone from scratches and nicks, and the vinyl adds to your grip, making you less likely to drop it – a blessing when you consider how easy it is to crack the screen.

How do you know that you’ve found an iPhone skin you can trust to protect your phone? You’ll need to do some research, looking from site to site of each provider and keeping an eye out for certain features. Material and cut are at the top of your list. While some providers use any old vinyl, superior brands will use 3M vinyl. It’s easy to apply, won’t bubble, and can be removed without leaving behind permanent glue deposits. In terms of cut, the provider should be able to cut the 3M vinyl according to the 6 Plus’ unique dimensions. Go online to see which brands can offer these two features in all of their skins. The list might not be long, but it should include some names you’re already familiar with, like dbrand.  The best iPhone skins from dbrand are always precision cut from 3M vinyl.

Once you’ve found a skin that can provide superior coverage and protection, you’ll be surprised to note that it can also be fully customized to fit your taste. There are millions of iPhones sold each year and, with only a few colour options, that means you’ll have a 6 Plus that looks like anyone else’s – until you add your skin, that is! Skins can be personalized with different colours, textures, or even company logos. You can combine these to make your iPhone look totally different from the norm.

Applying a skin to your iPhone 6 Plus is a smart investment. It’s easy enough to apply, and once it’s wrapped around your phone, you can be sure that your iPhone is safe from unnecessary damage. Get one for yourself and see why skins are rapidly becoming a trend in iPhone protection.

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