Breaking New Ground in 2015: Industries Embracing Mobile Apps


The mobile app world is constantly changing and what’s in vogue one year will be tired, outdated and clichéd the next.

Indeed, with mobile app usage now ahead of browser-based web surfing, more companies are getting into the game and that’s caused the turnover rate of apps to reach record highs.

Because of this ever-growing movement towards mobile apps, it’s important to always stay on top of the app game and spread your interest into as many genres as possible. For this reason, we’ve decided to pick out five companies that are now getting into the app arena in a big way and highlighted a few reasons why you should give them a try.

Live Streaming: Periscope

One of the most impressive innovations in the app world over the last 12 months is the advent of live streaming platforms. Leading the way in the market, thanks to a buyout by Twitter, is Periscope.

Giving people the ability to broadcast their antics in real time using nothing more than their smartphone and an app, this piece of software has taken interaction to a new level. Indeed, unlike apps such as Vine and Snapchat that allow you to record something then upload it at a later date, Periscope gives you an instant window into someone’s life.

Online Bingo: Apps for Mobile Bingo

Games and Smartphones go together like hands and gloves, which means there will always be a place for any game app in a top five countdown. One of the latest mediums to embrace the mobile gaming genre is bingo. Ever since the game transitioned from a live pursuit to a virtual one, companies such as bgo, Titanbet and Clucky Bingo have been striving to create the perfect bingo app.

Today, when you navigate to you’ll see options for iOS and Android devices. Within these platforms you can not only ante-up and win thousands in prize money, but you can also receive game notifications and bonuses while you’re offline.

Government Services: Canadian Election App

In Canada one of the most impressive, moreover useful, app innovations in 2015 was the mobile election app. With the country set to vote on a general election for the first time since 2011, many are now reviewing the changes that have taken place since then and one of the most striking is the creation of an election app.

Following the trend of US politicians using mediums such as Snapchat to push their campaign, Canadian political figures will be able to access and analyse electorate data via special election apps. Giving them the ability to target the right people at the right time, these apps could help politicians secure more votes than before.

Productivity and Efficiency: Pushbullet

In reversal of the traditional PC to mobile flow of information, Pushbullet is a new app that allows you to send Android data to your PC. In a similar way to bingo sites such as bgo pushing their message through to player’s phones, Pushbullet reverses the process and allows users to push text message and notifications to their PC.

The aim of this app is to help improve people’s productivity during the day. Instead of needing to check your phone every five minutes for messages, Pushbullet can beam everything to your desktop so you can continue working and socialising at the same time.

The Music Business: Spotify

The final app worthy of note in our countdown is Spotify. For the last few years the music industry has been slowly developing ways to take advantage of the mobile medium and stop losing out to pirate services. One of the best products to come out of that movement is Spotify. Although this isn’t a new product for 2015, it’s a brand that continues to improve and innovate.

Indeed, today it’s not only possible to stream and buy music via your mobile, but you can now connect to the service through multiple devices and even find songs using Shazam. So, even if you hear something and don’t know what it is, Spotify will tap into Shazam for you and magic up the answer.

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