Broadband suppliers – which one would you choose?

In this day and age the internet is one of the most used services across the country and there are even businesses that depend on it to be able to function at all, so the need to get the best quality service at a price to suit you is vital, especially if you want to have information at your fingertips without a ten minute wait!

Recently I have been having a look at some of the broadband offers that are out there on the market at the moment after having a think about changing things up a little and seeing what a switch in provider would entitle me to after deciding that I need something a little faster.

I’m not really someone that tracks all of the new providers as third party companies show their stance in a market that seems huge to me, instead I have stuck with the brands that I know of, the ones that carry a wealth of customers across the UK in order to check out some of the thoughts and complaints that others have faced while using their service, I mean if I’m going to be contracted into their broadband service, I want to make sure that it’s not completely shocking don’t I?

Finding their offers wasn’t difficult, they present them to you on their own sites so skipping all the affiliate sites out there you can simply jump onto their site and check out their broadband offers but if you want to be a little more savvy than the average shopper, you can find further discounts to their prices to make them a little kinder on your pocket!

For example, BT are offering unlimited broadband deals that give you £65 worth of vouchers on packages as little as £8 a month, Virgin Media are offering 6 months half price on their 60Mb package and EE are offering unlimited broadband packages from £2.50 plus line rental.

Personally I was drawn to the BT infinity offers but unfortunately I was unable to get it due to it not being available in my area just yet, so it looks like I will be giving Virgin Media a call to make sure that all is as it seems but for some of you guys there will be better deals out there as you won’t need as high of a package as the one that I’m thinking about.

Remember, look at the deals that the vendors are offering first and then check to see if there are any other sites out there that have deals to reduce the cost a little more, oh and don’t be afraid to chance your luck by calling a company with a like for like pricing to see if they can better their deal!

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