Check out some of the best laptops students should consider!

Even though most people are now switching to much smaller devices like Microsoft surface tablets, for most working professional like student’s laptops are the primary means to work so getting the right one matters. For students the factors to consider when buying the right laptop are slightly different, things like processing power, RAM and memory matter as usual but its more things like battery life, weight, texture, keyboard, typing experience, display resolution, screen refresh rates, and overall performance that really matter and are essential. I’m going to try and help and give you a few laptops you should consider if you want to get ahead.

First up and it will be no surprise to most it’s the MacBook Air, I’ve had to include it because it’s a slim, light, convenient laptop that you can depend on that won’t give up on you. The MacBook Air comes with fifth generation Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processor options, allowing you to choose the one that’s closer meets your budget. Alongside this the Macbook Air comes with 4GB RAM, a 128GB SSD for storage, and runs on Apple OS X 10.10 Yosemite. In terms of design its looks fantastic as all Apple products seem to do and only weighs 1.34kgs, much less than most competing laptops. When it comes to battery life the MacBook Air 11-inch gives you 9 hours of battery, which should more than last you the whole day.

Dell Inspiron 15

Next up is the Dell Inspiron 15, which is the series of 15 inch laptops designed by Dell. Why I’ve included it is simply due to it having a sleek design and offering the convenience of portability while staying affordable. In terms of spec the Inspiron 15 comes again with the choice of an Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processor with 8GB DDR3 RAM and either 500Gb or 1 TB of storage on offer. Alongside this it will come shipped with the Windows 10 as part of Microsoft’s Windows upgrade program, so you’ll be able to use the full potential of your device.

The final laptop I’m going to include and speak about is the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2, as it gives a refreshing change to the way we use traditional laptops. Laptops like the Lenovo Yoga 2 have evolved to become hybrids where they’re especially two-in-ones devices, as you can swap out and use the display as tablet or alternatively fold the laptop outwards to just see the content on the display. When it comes to spec the best and most affordable option is the Core i5 version of the Lenovo Yoga 2 with 4GB RAM and 500GB of storage and not to mention a 13-inch IPS display that offers touch capability, and with 8 hours of battery life it’s a laptop that will deal with anything you throw at it.


All in all the laptops mentioned all have great qualities and will serve you well as they’re designed for both work and play, just make sure you get the laptop that best fits your needs not the one that just looks the best.

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