Cost Effects of Homeschool Education vs. Private School

Many parents make the decision to use home education as an alternative to private or public school education. There are many reasons behind this including wanting to provide a safer learning environment for their child, desiring more personalized education abilities, and also costs. Where it does not cost money for children to attend public school, many families find their selves in a bind when they are centrally located in the middle of poor school districts. Private school, unlike public school, costs money and not all families have extra money to spend on schooling, or to relocate to a more ideal location. Therefore, a reasonable option is homeschooling. Homeschooling does cost money, just not nearly the amount that would be expected of a private school tuition. Additionally, parents and students are able to take advantage of virtual learning mechanisms that further expand the knowledge that one can gain from home education. Homeschooling online software or subscriptions are also much more cost effective than private school.

Weighing the Financial Cost of Homeschooling vs. Private School

Yes, we said that homeschooling is cheaper than private school. However, that does not mean that there is no financial burden linked to it. When deciding whether or not to homeschool your child, you and your partner must consider the cost of home schooling vs private school.

Yes, you will be free of an annual tuition and additional costs that come along with field trips, school supplies, school lunches, etc. These costs do not just vanish if you choose the route of home education. You will still have to feed your child (imagine that), field trips will still be necessary for hands on learning (not all are free), and the school supplies (including home school online software and internet capabilities) will all be your responsibility. On top of that, you must consider the lost wages that are associated with one parent leaving the workforce. This, in most situations, will place a large financial burden on the family. offers a verity of online classes for students, ESL leaners and even college students.

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