Could AI Be The End Of US?

A lot of people are fearful that machines will one day rule the world and become self-aware, deciding that human beings are a threat to their existence and eradicating humanity. One person who shares this fear is real estate agent and theorist, Marc Sporn. Here are some excerpts from his writings.

What Is AI?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence – it’s a nice way of saying that we’ve taken a computer program and made it smarter. But the biggest fear for humanity is that these computer programs become self-aware and deem the human species as a threat to this planet.

Could Machines Take Over?

The reality is that computers are not humans, and that Terminator was a movie. In reality, machines are less capable of doing things than humans are and lack the perception and decision making that we have. It’s pretty farfetched to think that machines could ever take over this world in a way like the movies depict.

Safeguards Being Built In

As AI tech advances, safeguards are being programmed into these machines to prevent this from ever happening. So even if technology advanced to the state where we had machines that looked just like humans, it would be impossible for them to break their programming and revolt against our race. Still, this just fosters even more wild theories from those who are fearful.

Reasons Not To Worry

We’re still eons away from developing machines that are humanoids. What’s more, the human brain is a very deep and nested thought machine — hacking it will take decades. That being said, perhaps the robots we’d need to fear the most won’t even be around until we are in our golden years or dead. But maybe the next generation will have their hands full… who knows for sure.

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