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Custom Phone Case Etiquette



Custom phone cases are a great way to express your personal tastes, but if you’d like to take it up a notch, you could always opt to have a picture on your phone skin, rather than a pattern or a particular texture. But before you start scouting for close-up images of the lead actor in your favourite flick, you may want to give these basic rules of etiquette a glance:

1. Respect People’s Privacy

If the pictures you’d like to use on your personalised phone cases include other people, ask for their permission before you order the phone skins, even if they’re relatives and close friends. That’s adults, children and toddlers, especially if they’re not your own. What about teenagers, you ask? Let’s not even go there. You know full well they can hold a grudge for years.

2. Check Word Meanings

You’ve probably come across people who’ve had tattoos of various words done without knowing what they mean. The same can happen with customized phone cases. Luckily, a quick online check should do the job. Find a translator app or browser extension, and translate the words you want to use in every language imaginable before you make up your mind. If you find anything suspicious, look into the origin of the words. Browse the pages of an etymology dictionary for words like ‘ghetto’ or ‘hooray’, and you’ll catch on.

3. Mind Those Symbols

Religious and political figures and symbols aren’t tasteful either, particularly since they depict distorted or biased interpretations of what a ruler, president, saint or prophet would have looked like, or may have done or said. Even symbols like Yin and Yang on custom cases can put people off, because the ‘feminine’ half of it is also interpreted as the ‘negative’ part by some people.

It sounds more complicated than it is. Well, another option is to design phone cases from scratch using the simple apps and online tools most phone case sellers provide. Ten times better and more meaningful than a selfie, isn’t it?

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