Develop More Effective Email Marketing Campaigns Using Verification


Today a growing number of businesses have discovered the cost-savings offered by email marketing campaigns. Sending informative, content-rich advertising messages to interested prospects spurs company revenues. Yet surprisingly, some firms don’t notice productive results from these efforts. Why?

The answer to this question sometimes proves deceptively simple. As astonishing at it seems, even today numerous online businesses fail to conduct the important step of verifying the receipt of their emails! Verification holds the key to cultivating a responsive marketplace in cyberspace.

The Pitfalls of Unverified Email Marketing

Without including verification as an email marketing step, a sender risks some exceedingly unattractive outcomes. Just consider a few of these unwelcome scenarios:

  • A typo in the email address results in the email reaching someone other than the intended recipient;
  • The firm repeatedly sends carefully crafted emails to the trash folders of prospects who maintain no interest in the company or its products;
  • Email addresses used in the campaign remain valid, yet many recipients check email infrequently and fail to open most of their emails;
  • The company repeatedly sends ads to recipients who collect email in order to sell bulk email addresses to online advertisers;
  • The company sends it emails to unqualified prospects, never verifying real customers actually use the email addresses in the marketer’s database.

Email Marketing: A Big Business

Of course, email marketing campaigns when conducted efficiently often result in rich rewards for business enterprises. Worldwide, the rapid expansion of the Internet during the past three decades has generated fertile ground for entrepreneurs. One respected research company predicted the number of email addresses by the close of 2017 would exceed the staggering figure of 4.9 billion. The capability to reach such a huge potential market for a fraction of the cost of sending a “snail mail” letter proves irresistible to many business ventures.

By ensuring you include email verification as a standard aspect of your marketing campaign, you’ll ramp up your effectiveness significantly. Although highly cost-effective, today’s emailing campaigns do frequently involve a significant investment in company resources. Businesses pay money for someone to collect and input an email address on a marketing list, or to arrange for websites to self-subscribe customers to their mailing lists. The verification process ensures these efforts don’t result in wasted effort.

The Benefits of Verification

Numerous benefits surround verifying email addresses. For example, the Email Verification API website enables customers to try their system for free. Taking this step ensures some distinct advantages:

  1. Avoid sending marketing letters to notorious bulk mail disposable email providers.
  2. Protect your business emails from becoming spam (and as a result damaging your company reputation).
  3. Ensure every email reaches a potentially responsive, interested customer.
  4. Avoid the inconvenience posed by numerous bounced emails.

Use Email Verification

For all these reasons, consider using email verification. It prevents problems and enhances efficiency. This simple step helps marketers optimize profits!

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