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Melrose INC is a leading provider of digital media equipment and software. Amidst all that we provide, Avid products are a top seller, and we highly recommend them to our media and entertainment industry clients. Not only will we provide you with the products to fit your needs but we will also provide support and provide you with the digital media answers you’ve been looking for. Still not convinced? Take a look below and learn more about some great products from Avid and how they benefit you and your business.

About Avid Pro Tools

Avid Pro Tools is one of the top manufacturers of tools for the digital media industry. Many creative minds in the media and entertainment industry use Avid Pro Tools like Avid Isis to create their masterpieces. If you are an artist, composer, producer, engineer or the like, you will not be disappointed in all of the amazing products that Avid has to offer. At Melrose INC, we want to help you and your business choose the Avid products that are right for you.

Benefits of Avid Pro Tools

If you are ready to get started on your journey with Avid Pro Tools, you will greatly benefit in many ways by using them to digitally market your business. First of all, digital marketing with Avid Pro Tools can help save you money by allowing you to market yourself on digital media with all the right tools. You will no longer have to pay for images or marketing representatives when you have all you need at our fingertips.

You will also benefit from a higher rate of consumer participation by allowing your marketing tools and websites to be viewable and usable to the public. The general public is very technological and they enjoy web based interactions and ads. Another benefit of digital marketing with Avid Pro Tools is that you can promote your business in ways you wouldn’t otherwise be able to. Your business and products will be viewable to everyone all over the world, and thus promote your business!

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