From First Gen to iPhone 6S

As you can imagine there are many differences between the First Generation iPhone from 2007 and the new iPhone 6S from today. In the past 8 years technology has come a long way and since then Apple has released 12 different iPhone models. All models were presented with new and improved features from its previous models.

Apple has gone to great lengths to push the edge of new technology while creating a product that is smart and, for the most part, affordable. So how far have we come? What features did the First Generation iPhone have compared to what the iPhone 6S has now?

First Gen

This model of the iPhone was first released in 2007. During this time Apple created an example of what all other smartphone were to live up to. This phone was run on the original operating system, OS 1 and this model continued on to support OS 2 and 3 as well. This was one of the first smartphones with great call quality in addition to an iPod, an integrated PDA, a device used for the internet, which allowed browsing, email and other application support.

With touch screen and aluminium and one of the slimmest phones for its time, the First Gen iPhone created waves. It was equipped with a 2-megapixel camera and you had the choice of downloading web apps, but there was no app store created yet.

From the beginning this iPhone was only allowed to run applications one at a time. It wasn’t until the iPhone 4 that multitasking became available.

iPhone 6S

Eight years ago Apple released a phone that was the smartest of all smartphones. Today, 2015, the iPhone is one of the biggest selling mobile devices, even with an increase in price.

Now you can get the iPhone 6S equipped with the latest version of iOS 9, stronger and more durable aluminium and the strongest glass that has ever been placed on a smartphone to prevent cracking.

Use your iPhone 6S as a map, ask Siri anything, check the weather, take photos with a 12-megapixel camera and then press lightly to watch them move. If you prefer videos, use the camera for 4K videos. The new chip now delivers performance that is only found in desktop computers.

Choose your colour. Take your pick between space grey, silver, cold, and rose gold. Also, you no longer have to activate a password – the iPhone 6S has a highly advanced fingerprint sensor that’s faster than ever.

Don’t worry about forgetting your wallet or purse at home, you can keep all of your bank information and credit cards right on your smartphone. Not only that, but you can now shop at millions of stores using just your iPhone.

Even with these seemingly miniscule changes, the iPhone has evolved over the past 8 years to a device that we can essentially use for anything. Make a reservation at a restaurant with the touch of a button or video call your loved ones from across the world. Whatever you think of, Apple has already thought of it.

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