How Technology is Changing the Restaurant Industry


The 21st century has seen us usher in the digital age in no uncertain terms. Digital technology is all around us, in all walks of life from the workplace to the home, and improvements in technology are happening all the time. In all areas of industry and commerce, technology drives the way we do business. There can barely be a business left that does not used computerised systems of some sort.

Where great advances have been made, in terms of making life easier, lies in the use of portable equipment. You use a tablet or smartphone? How beneficial would it be if you could have such portability in your restaurant point of sale equipment? You can, and we’re here to tell you more about it!

From Orders to Inventory

Imagine a portable POS system that you could also use for taking orders, processing takeaways, checking stock, managing tips and payments, and keeping tabs on your inventory and stock. You don’t need to imagine it, as it’s readily available, and it really is changing the way the restaurant industry operates.

Have a close look at the eHopper restaurant POS system because it is going to be the one investment that goes all the way to making your restaurant run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. What is it, and how does it work? Let’s have a closer look.

Why You Need eHopper

The eHopper system takes the form of a state of the art POS terminal that you can buy as an all in one package. It is compatible with Android, Windows and iPad operating systems, and also with the popular Poynt payment solution. If you don’t need the hardware, you can use eHopper on your tablet or PC, and it is surprisingly affordable to licence. For a small monthly fee you get the full package – and it really will make things much easier.

You can use eHopper to make and keep track of orders, plus you can enter customer information and inform your regulars of promotions or special events that you may have planned. You can manage payments – it can be used with up to the minute mobile payment systems such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay – and also keep an eye on tips received, all in real time and with ease.

Reporting Functions

As a multi-function monitoring and payment processing system, eHopper will prove invaluable to both you and your team. Management can see how much time is spent on breaks, can monitor staff attendance, and can also produce reports as to how each member of staff is performing.

Reporting features include sales and purchasing analysis, accounting and more, and all can be produced at the touch of a button. This really is a simple system to use.

Best of all, your waiting staff can take orders and payments at the table, so that’s time saved for both you and your customers, and the eHopper system can even handle split bills with no problem at all.

If you want your restaurant to really come into the 21t century, you need a POS system like this – it’s the way forward.

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