How to Keep Your Employees All on the Same Page

If you have ever done the telephone game where you tell one person something and then they tell the next person and so forth and so on, then you know how quickly relaying information can get out of hand. Everything becomes all twisted and before you know it, the message is completely opposite of what you meant it to be. If you are a business owner, this could lead to some major problems with communicating with your employees. Listed below are some ways to communicate with your employees instantly so there is no longer a need for the telephone game!

Group Email

If you have a cellphone (and who doesn’t nowadays), then you have access to your email at a moment’s notice. If you wish to remain in contact with all of your employees all at once, a group email should suffice. However, it doesn’t guarantee you that they will check their email as frequently as you would like.

Group Text Messages

Group texts are not always the greatest. You are placed on some with ten other people you have no idea who they are and before you know it, your phone is blowing up at two in the morning with information you don’t want or need. But if you keep it work related and only have your employees on the group text, it might not be so bad. Still, it is hard to communicate everything with texts. Plus, should work-related text messages ever have emoticons in them?


FieldAware is software that can make your business run much more smoothly. It keeps all employees connected and informed of all pertinent information related to the company. In addition, FieldAware helps your company by cutting costs, completing automated schedules, handle dispatch, and just generally make your business more profitable. With built-in cloud software, your company will be on the cutting edge of technology. All of the essential information will be shared instantly with everyone on a need to know basis. If you are looking at ways to update your business, FieldAware software is a good start.

Mandatory Meetings

This is last on the list because while meetings are important for the success of your company, people will always find a reason to miss them. Mandatory meetings are often thought of not so fondly by employees. They always believe that if they miss it, someone will catch them up on what they missed.

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