How to Take Your Idea from Prototype to Product

Whether or not your new business idea revolves around technology, new tech can be used to develop, improve, and produce whatever it is you are trying to sell. Even those of us who don’t have great manual skills or artistic abilities, can present prototypes that make finding a manufacturer easier and more cost effective. How can that be?

It’s easy.

Perfect Your Idea

Sometimes an idea needs to marinate in your mind for a bit before it becomes a marketable product. Pitch the idea to friends and colleagues, dive into the concerns, take notes on possible improvements and refinements. Once you think you have ironed out the idea enough to see it in its tangible form, it’s time to make a prototype.

Create a Prototype

Depending on what your product is, a rough prototype might be something that you can make yourself, or might be something that you team up with an expert to develop. It can become a pretty expensive process, as you are buying materials at retail prices and there can be lots of time involved. Don’t get attached to a prototype if it’s not “it”. It can always be scrapped and a new one made.

Scan Your Prototype

Once you are happy enough with your prototype, improve your products with 3D scanning. The completed scan can be synched with some modelling and design programs that will allow you to edit out any imperfections that you don’t want to see in the finished product as well as shop around for manufacturers. If you have a digital 3D model, you can reach businesses all over the world, asking for their quotes on manufacturing your project.

Make an Order

Finding the right manufacturer can be a long process as well, but once you settle, don’t allow for the bulk order to go through before you see a sample. It’s much better to see a sample and tweak the design or production process than end up with hundreds or thousands of items that are defective.

Market it

While making the product itself was a success, it’s time to package the whole thing up, both physically and in terms of marketing. Consider a smart package option that allows you to communicate the essential information to your customer without being too bulky, overwhelming, or busy. Once you have samples, photos, and messaging prepared, you can start selling, whether directly to consumers or to wholesale clients.

While all this sounds straightforward, there can be a lot of looping through the steps to achieve the perfect result. Remember that technology is your friend and, when used intelligently, can save you a lot of money and time in the development process.

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