Making Money with Steam

Since Steam was released in September 2003, this platform has grown to become a huge success for gamers all over the world. Only the past five years, the number of users online at the same time has increased from 6 million to a stunning 15 million gamers. Apart from the fact that a lot of popular games are released through Steam, the past years possibility to make money through the platform has greatly contributed to its current users. This is done through collecting in game items and using them for skin betting. Before digging deeper into this, let’s first cover the basics of what steam is.

What is Steam?

Steam is a platform developed by the company Valve, which provides a word class user experience for gamers and people all over the world. The platform can be used to find new games that are supported through steam, which the majority of today’s releases are. With several different categories to browse from, it’s easy to find any genre you’re looking for, free-to-play games, early access ones.

Although the majority of steam users are gamers, the platform isn’t only for those. It’s also possible to find animated movies and various software that are used for making those movies, as well as software for music creation and game developing.

Apart from the massive store and the fact that everything bought is easily accessible through your steam library, the platform is a huge community. It’s possible to chat with friends and add them to a friend’s list. This way you’re always able to see what games they’re playing and can easily join the action. Like visiting a forum, the steam platform allows you to share your opinion on an on-going topic or create your own thread.

Last but not least, the steam platform has a market where it’s possible to trade and sell in game items for real money.

The Steam market

In some of the games that are supported through Steam, it’s possible to get various skins that will change the appearance of your character in one way or another. Through the Steam market it’s possible to trade these skins for other skins with players or simply sell them for real money. Some of these skins are very rare to come by, which has made them sought after by a lot of players and therefore become valued at thousands of dollars.

The money received from selling these skins can never be withdrawn, but can only be used to buy other skins or games and software. Well, at least that was Valve’s intentions. The fact of the matter is that real money can be withdrawn through skin betting. This phenomenon refers to skins being used to gamble with online, which takes place outside of the steam platform, but with using the source code of it. While some gambling sites only allow you to deposit and withdraw skins, others allow skins to be traded for real money and then used to bet on eSports or play casino games. This way any skins received from playing games such as Dota 2 and CS:GO can be turned into real money that will end up in the user’s bank account.

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