New Advice Addresses Most Common Cloud Myths in Attempt to Improve Cloud Usage

Cloud computing company Flair4It has released new information on the biggest myths in circulation about the cloud. They have also released advice on how to deal with these myths, aiming to provide some truth about the situation. The main myths they have addressed is that the cloud is only about money, that only those who use the cloud can make it in today’s online world, that the cloud should be used by everyone for everything, and that employees should use the cloud just because the CEO said so.

Cloud computing is one of the greatest technological advances of the digital world in recent years. It is a system that enables people to store all their information away from their machines, freeing up space for other things. Additionally, it ensures no information ever gets lost, as it can be accessed from any machine with the right credentials and an internet connection. However, as with all new technologies, myths have started to appear, often spread by people who simply do not know what the fuss is all about.

UK based cloud computing company Flair4IT has released new information in an attempt to address some of these myths, and to shed some light on what the truth actually is. They feel that the myths that continue to circulate impede the ability to innovate further, stopping real progress in its tracks. This is why they have completed a piece of research on four of the biggest myths in an attempt to unveil what the truth actually is.

The first issue they came across is that the cloud is all about money. While it is true that the cloud is able to save businesses money, the reality is that moving to it can be done for a number of other reasons as well. One of those reasons is said to be agility. In the study that the company completed, it was found that of all the reasons of moving to the cloud, cost savings account for just 14%. This means that while it is certainly a benefit, there is far more to it as well.

A spokesperson for Flair4IT says: “If people move on to the cloud and automatically expect that they will save money, they may end up disappointed. If money is one of their main motivations, they have to take a lot of time to compare all the different options that are out there and assess the implications of what they are doing as well. We believe it is important that they look much further than just finances as well.”

The company then looked into the idea that only those who move to the cloud can still make a mark on the world. This is a practice referred to as ‘cloud washing’, which can happen accidentally and on purpose. For Flair4IT, it is vital that companies understand that there are many technological advances that they should consider as well as the cloud if they want to be considered as good. These technologies include virtualization and automation, to name but a few.

Next, they looked further into the idea that everything should go on the cloud. The company believes that many organizations simply do not understand what the cloud’s main capabilities are. For instance, legacy applications that never change have no business being on the cloud. By contrast, if something has to be very flexible, the cloud may be a good solution. Not all workloads are properly served by being cloud-based and companies should not be afraid to leave some solutions off the cloud if that makes more sense.

Finally, the business addresses the idea that the cloud must be good because ‘the CEO said so’. Too many businesses do not have cloud strategies but rather simply do as they are told. The Flair4IT spokesperson added: “It is vital that businesses have a cloud strategy in place that fits with their overall goal and is clear about the benefits and potential risks.”

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