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New Infographic Looking At Defunct Tech Over The Years Highlights Recycling And E-Waste Issues

The actual item will be different depending on your age, but there are undoubtedly pieces of technology that you remember that are now defunct and no longer made but at the time they were heralded as the next big “game changer”.  The British money saving and voucher code site My Voucher Codes has put together an interesting infographic, which you can view to the bottom of this post, looking at  some of the most popular pieces of technology and how they have been replaced by lighter, smaller, faster better models but how we keep accumulating e-waste as a result of each upgrade.

The article and graphic are interesting as it shows just how far things have come along in such a short time when it comes to advancements, as well as highlighting some of the issues we have as human being with recycling technology.


As mentioned in the article, during the period of the 60s to the 90s, we had Colour and eventually HD CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) television sets, and for a long time they were considered one of the biggest and best inventions of their time and age.  Now, you would be hard pushed to find a CRT that works, unless you went to a specialist dealer and even the flat screens and LCDs of the 90’s and early 00’s are already being replaced by 3d and now 4K TVs.


For 100 years the gramophone was the primary form of recording and listening to music and other audio recordings and it wasn’t until the 1960s that 8-tracks were launched and then compact cassettes and then in the 90s the compact disc was introduced and it was time to say goodbye to the cassette tap.  The interesting thing about CDs is that, despite competition from downloads and other forms of music formats, CDs remain popular and are still pressed and have not yet become defunct.


As you will see if you take a look at the original article, we have accumulated a lot of waste across the various types of medium and technology.  It is interesting to consider and question the fact that for all our technological advancements, despite being better off we are still causing problems to the planet and wasting a lot of money by not having our old devices properly recycled.

You may not have realised, as we did not, how much gold and silver is found in mobile phones and can actually be recovered when they are recycled properly.  Not only would it save a lot of money, but it would also mean that natural resources are not overused.

Reclaimed And Reconditioned Defunct Technology

The article does make reference to some of the good things that have happened with some older forms of technology still being used and reconditioned if they need.  Typewriters, polaroid cameras, vinyl records and their players, cassette tapes and even digital watches are still used.  It is likely a lot of the allure of these items is because they are not like modern replacements and have that touch of nostalgia.


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