New Information on IT Technology that Will Shape the Future Released

UK based IT support company Nexus has released new information on the development of the IT industry. Now that the dot com bubble is supposedly over, and the extreme demand for IT professionals, offering salaries higher than any industry, is also no longer in existence, some people are wondering what the future of the industry holds. Nexus has found a number of IT technologies that will shape the future, demonstrating that the future of IT continues to be bright.

The market for IT services is one that is truly critical. Although many people believe that the dot com bubble and demand for IT professionals is now over, the reality is that the industry is expected to reach an annual revenue of $1 trillion. In 2012, it stood at $906 billion. There remain a number of big players in the industry, including Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Accenture, Fujitsu and CSC, which do generate billions of dollars each year. Their statistics on revenue projections, company figures, user rates and more are truly staggering. This, in fact, lead to a new piece of research by a UK-based IT support company.

The team at has noticed that the most important segment of IT services is cloud computing. This essentially means that organizations are now working online only, using distribution channels that are fully network based. Cloud service providers have staff, hardware and servers in one location, but their services can be access from anywhere in the world, without having to install any programs. It is also expected that revenues from cloud computing services, including giants such as Facebook and Gmail, will boom.

During their research, however, Nexus found a number of true revolutions in the field of technology. They started by creating a timeline of technological advances that have shaped our present and found that it all started with the smartphone. This was followed by the tablet, which seamlessly opened the doors for cloud computing. Once they developed their timeline, Nexus asked itself how the future will be shaped by technology.

To answer this question, they surveyed over 5,000 C-level executives in 70 different countries. They were asked what they believed would be important in terms of technology over the next three to five years. The answer clearly showed that key roles will continue to be played by mobile solutions and cloud computing. Most also stated that the ‘Internet of Things’ would be of tremendous importance.

Following the research, Nexus was able to compile a list of technologies that are expected to shape the next five years. Participants in the research were able to select a number of technologies from a list, choosing as many as they wanted.

  1. Cloud computing and services, chosen by 63% of respondents.
  2. Mobile solutions, chosen by 61% of respondents.
  3. Internet of Things, chosen by 57% of respondents.
  4. Cognitive computing, chosen by 37% of respondents.
  5. Advanced manufacturing technologies, chosen by 28% of respondents.
  6. New energy sources and solutions, chosen by 23% of respondents.
  7. Bioengineering, chosen by 12% of respondents.
  8. Man-machine hybrids, chosen by 10% of respondents.

Nexus aims to repeat the research in three years’ time, to see whether or not these predictions have come true, as well as to monitor how the world of IT solutions and IT support will change over the rest of the future.

Jason Carl, from and leader on the research said:

“It is interesting to see what people find important and believe to continue to be important. The top three places are perhaps not surprising, because these are the three things that are driving the market today. It is always difficult to imagine a world in which the things we use most no longer matter. The other results, however, are really interesting and we look forward to repeating the research over the next few years.”

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