PayPal Appoints Bitcoin Leader to its Board of Directors

The online money payment giant, PayPal has recently joined hands with Bitcoin CEO Wences Casares by appointing him as a member to the board of directors at PayPal. Casares is famous as the founder of Bitcoin under the startup name Xapo and has been successfully involved in the online payment and transactions field. In an official statement, PayPal addressed the recent turn of events and exclaimed that Casares would play a part in the Compensation Committee of PayPal.

In a statement about bitcoin, Paypal mentioned Xapo in a recent press release which states it to be an organization that provides necessary tools to users for the purpose of purchasing and managing bitcoins. It was stated that Casares’ company facilitates easy transactional benefits for its clients through user-friendly online wallet system, allowing customers to spend their bitcoins via Xapo Debit Card and secure stored funds in Xapo’s Secure Vault.

Casares was welcomed into the board of directors at PayPal by PayPal CEO, Dan Schulman, who scaled on the periphery on the subject of Bitcoin without addressing it directly. However, abundant insights into the matter were provided upon the necessity of Casares’ involvement in the company and the company’s outlook towards future of online transactions. Bitcoin is speculated to have a role to play in the future of online transactions as PayPal is inclined towards new innovative approaches in their dealings. (For more details on the appointment of Wences Casares into PayPal board of directors, contact PayPal contact number 0844 381 6302)

Wences Casares’ involvement in the PayPal board of directors is being called a wise move, given his insight into the commercial sector of money management. The Direction of thought which Casares agendas follow is directly in correlation to the managerial strategies that PayPal wishes to introduce in future dealings.

Casares has been a pioneer in introducing online services in the financial sector in Argentina. His experience and regular addressing on the topic of cryptocurrency have been seen in several public forums. The experience that Casares brings to the board from his experience in Xapo as the first Internet Service Provider in the country has paved a way for knowledgeable and insightful decision making capabilities.

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