Reverse Whois Search to Find Contact Information


Reverse whois search tools help you to search for domains by address, name, email address, physical address, or email address of the registrant in historical or current Whois records. You only need to enter any of the personal information of the registrant and all the domains. If any record in the Whois record is found, it will be returned.

This tool shows you a list of all information of the company which registered the domain name. It also displays information about the registrant including registration date of all domains related to them.

How to Best Use This Tool

The best way to use reverse whois search is searching domain names by email. In this case, the main aim is to enter the email address which you want to check and click on the Check Button. The reverse whois tool will get you all the available information within a few seconds.

You may also search domain by username when you do not have an email address. Using this tool, you will only be able to display created date, domain names, and registration information. However, if you need complete whois information, you must use the bulk whois search tool.

Key Features of WHOIS Search Tool

Whois search tool must be capable of allowing one to search using a unique identifier including email address, and registrant name. It may also be any piece of information or text in a whois record.

Other important key features of whois search include:

  1. A user may have an option of getting the results online or in formats which are downloadable including PDF or CSV
  2. Search for historic and current historic whois records
  3. Conduct an advanced search which may include or exclude multiple search terms

The search results must be accurate to reflect the search terms.

Who uses the reverse whois API tool?

A reverse whois API tool can be used by different users. These include:

The domain investors since they can learn about competition, locate potential buyers, and identify domains with investment potential.

Webmasters can use the tool to identify new partnership and business opportunities to locate potential buyers.

The whois lookup services are also of great importance to corporate research, private investigations, cybercrime investigation, and cybercrime detection.

As a critical tool in cybercrime investigation, whois allows key investigators to find all the domains of criminal offenders as well as their associates use. To this end, it is used during intrusion detection, fraud detection, and piracy schemes.

Brand agents who are concerned with protecting intellectual properties can use the search results to identify instances of potential infringements of a trademark.

The Reverse Whois tool supplies users with a list of domains which have the same organizational email addresses and name in the Whois record.

Reverse WHOIS is an Essential Tool

Reverse whois search tools are free, reliable and incredibly user friendly. The user only needs to enter the desired name or email in the search box and a list containing the results will appear with all the details about the domain.

Our tool relies on a large database which makes the search results extensive. Our tool is easy to use and navigate. You will find your results within seconds thus saving your precious time.

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