Sporting Success Through Modern Tech: Golf’s Four Best

OK, so you’re a budding golfer looking to perfect your swing and sink putts like Jordan Spieth, but you’ve got two left hands, let alone two left feet. In the old days the only way around this problem would be to accept your lot and play for fun, or hang up your clubs and find a new sport. However, as with all things in this life, the times are a changing and that’s due, mainly, to technology.

Devices to help you improve your swing, sharpen your focus and enhance your overall understanding of sport are all available online and that means everyone, regardless of their physical limitations, can become a competent golfer.

Of course, no amount of technology and assistance is going to turn you into the next hotshot swinger like Mr. Spieth if you don’t have a natural talent for the game. However, with the help of the following devices and online portals, you can certainly enhance your overall skills in a way that would have previously been impossible.

TaylorMade Tech


by  pierre bédat

It used to be the case that golf clubs were made using standard dimensions and you either made them fit or you got rid of it. However, thanks to modern technology, it’s now possible to make one single club fit your every physical nuance. Thanks to TaylorMade, you can now purchase a club, such as the R1, and adjust it according to face, loft and shape.

For example, let’s say you were on the fairway and directly in front of you were dozens of trees. Under normal conditions your ability to loft the ball over this sort of obstacle was poor. However, thanks to a product such as the R1, you can adjust the face of the club to such an angle that it increases your loft and, therefore, makes it easier for you to make it onto the green and sink a putt.

Of course, if you become too reliant on a club such as this (particularly a club that costs a lot of money), then it can hinder your progress in the long run. However, if you use it to get over certain hurdles and as a point of reference with regards to your weakness and how they can be adjusted and turned into positives, then this sort of technology can be extremely useful. In fact, as you tinker with the calibration of your TaylorMade club, you’ll also be subconsciously training yourself to see how the club should move in certain ways in order to achieve the perfect shot.

Mobicoach App


by  Claus Rebler 

The cost of a professional golf coach can be much more than a novice can afford. Indeed, tuition from a high level instructor can often cost hundreds per hour, which means the average player won’t be able to get the personal attention they need to really improve their game.

Fortunately, the live Mobicoach app is on hand to help aspiring pros get real-time help courtesy of their mobile phone or tablet. Offering links to top instructors from a range of sports, including golf, the app allows you to schedule a coaching session with a professional coach, pay for it online and then connect with them via the app.

In real time, the app allows you to watch, converse and record sessions with your instructor as they go through the nuances of a particular golf swing. Not only that, but the app has a whiteboard feature that allows you to mark certain areas of the screen and pinpoint where you’re making mistakes. For example, during the rotation phase of your drive you may be leaning to one side. If this is the case then the coach can record your shot and then draw diagrams on the screen over your image.

Although this may not be as effective as having the coach right there with you, it’s certainly the closest you’ll be able to get using modern technology.

Betfair Golf Platform


by  Gilgongo

To play like a professional golfer, you have to know how to think like one and the best way to stay on top of the game and get an insight into the latest goings on is to visit a dedicated golf hub on a regular basis. Thanks to sports betting operators, it’s now possible to stay in touch with the latest golf news, results and stats by visiting a single dedicated golf portal.

Although you don’t have to become an expert at setting betting lines for golf matches, an intimate knowledge of which golfers perform well under which conditions can actually help with your own game. Because golf-focused platforms such as Betfair have a vested interest in stats, you can literally find out where a player’s strengths lie according to the numbers if you take your time to do some research.

For example, if you were struggling with your short game, you could look online and check out each pro’s short game stats, work out where they are strong and what skills they possess that facilitate this. Going through this process will give you a better insight into the mindset of a pro and give you some tips on how you can improve your own game.

The Laser Rangefinder


by  FastLizard4 

If you struggle to judge the distance from your current position to the green, then fear not because the Leupold RX-600i Laser Rangefinder

is considered the Cadillac of the scope world. One of the key components of a game of golf is the ability to judge distance and know exactly how hard or soft you need to hit a shot in order to reach the pin.

Aside from being born with eagle-eyes, this sort of skill is one that only comes about after weeks, months and years of practice on a variety of different courses. Naturally, if you’re just starting to swing your clubs, your ability to judge distance will be poor. However, you can improve that skill with the help of modern technology and the RX-600i. By putting this hardwearing laser pointer to your eye, you’ll see exactly how far you need to drive your ball in order to achieve the perfect shot.

Using Tech to Decrease the Learning Curve

Becoming a high-level golfer isn’t easy. In fact, it is one of the toughest sports to master, but if you’re able to harness the power of modern technology then it could become a lot easier. Through a combination of laser guidance, online tutorials, news, stats and customisable clubs, achieving the perfect swing is now a lot easier.

Of course, the same goes for any sport in the world. Regardless of whether you’re a budding golfer or a track athlete looking to increase your performance, hi-tech gadgets are now able to ensure you have an idea of what you’re doing well, what you’re not doing well and what you need to work on. Moreover, even if you’re not able to deduce these things for yourself, most modern technology will do most of the hard work for you.

While there is certainly no accounting for natural talent, hard work and dedication, modern technology has made it possible to accelerate people’s learning curves. Although you may not be able to download an app and become the next world champion, you can certainly click a few buttons and become a more skilled sportsperson than you ever could have become 20 years ago.

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