Spreading your internet based business internationally

The revolution in commerce brought about by the internet is still only a couple of decades old and so it is no surprise that it continues to evolve in many unexpected ways.

Although the idea of trading beyond borders in a ‘virtual’ environment has changed the way many businesses work, for others expanding over the net is still something of a perplexing proposition.

However, there are plenty of opportunities there for you to successfully move your business from a local basis to one that has a truly international reach.

Online trends

Even the smallest locally based business knows that having a website is essential today. For those looking to expand further afield, the importance grows even more.

A simple, fairly static website that needs little maintenance is cheap and easily available and usually works as a ‘shop window’ introduction for most cases.

However, anyone engaged in actively building their business internationally must make far more effort.

This means being aware of online trends and developments and making sure that your web presence doesn’t look dated. This need not be expensive, as talented web designers are plentiful and, with a little application, great looking sites can be owner-created via various platforms very cost effectively.

Changes to the way Google ranks search results are the type of trends that need to be considered, a perfect example being the most recent update which now requires ‘mobile friendliness’ usability across different devices.


Creating a high profile and increasing demand over the internet can achieve expansion, but you need to be able to back it up by delivering your product or services.

SEO and online ad campaigns can be expensive but extremely worthwhile, so investment and funding can be vital both in gaining full web exposure and positioning yourself to be able to fulfil extra demands.


Having target territories for expansion can help focus an expansion, but equally using experienced professionals in different regions can really be the make-or-break factor.

Taking the advice of someone like Fahad Al-Rajaan on Arabian Business projects can be invaluable. The head of Al Ahli United Bank, Bahrain’s largest lender by market value, Al-Rajaan has a wealth of knowledge and experience built up over many years.

Al Rajaan, as director general of Kuwait’s Public Institution for Social Security and chairman of the New York based Wafra Investment Advisory Group, has used his international contacts and regional expertise to help many commercial projects expand their horizons.

World without borders

The ‘world wide web’ isn’t a phrase that is used much these days, but it is still as potent as ever. The ability for a company to use the internet to connect with clients and customers around the world has changed the face of international commerce and levelled the playing field for anyone looking to expand their business beyond borders on a map.

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