The Best Weather Apps for Android and iPhone




If you rely on weather forecasts you will have become aware that they really are hit and miss; sometimes they can be spot on, while others may be very wide of the mark. How many time have you expected a dry day only to get soaked waiting for the bus om the way home? Or, perhaps you are looking for a way of extracting accurate weather reports from abroad, perhaps in advance of a holiday? Well, there is a way, and it’s simple, easy and – above all – free, and it’s available for your smartphone to download right away.

It’s called WeatherBug, and it has won awards as among the best free weather apps for Android devices. It’s usable on your phone or tablet, and it really is a comprehensive solution providing more accurate results than those elsewhere. It’s scored well with many satisfied users, and will certainly provide you with the information you need regards the weather in chosen and specified locations. Easy to use and offering a wealth of options, WeatherBug can help you with many areas of forecasting and prediction, and has a choice of alerts to warn you of extreme weather in advance.

So, what do you get when you download the best free weather apps for iPhone? The range of features is certainly impressive, with information drawn from the largest network of professional weather reporting stations in North America, so has access to the current and future weather, via radar tracking, in real time. You can access this information using WeatherBug, and it’s easy to use and presented in an understandable fashion. You can also draw upon a special and very useful storm warning feature, which will advise you of dangerous thunderstorms quicker than the regular reporting and forecasting stations.

WeatherBug can be used to access overseas weather reports and is highly regarded in this respect, and offers a wide choice of animated maps showing various weather conditions and locations. You can also customize your weather reporting to fit your needs and your lifestyle, so you get the most relevant information quickly, and when you need it. WeatherBug offers everything from accurate hourly forecasts and current weather reports to 10 day forecasts, and you can choose from various options with regard to how to view the information required. Check out the website now for all the information you need on downloading this weather app for Android or iPhone.

One feature of WeatherBug we like is that of the hurricane tracking system; using sophisticated radar tracking you can follow hurricanes in your area or elsewhere, so giving you advance warning of where the storm will be heading at a particular time. With such useful and potentially life-saving functions, this is an essential free app the you should download to your phone or tablet right away. Have a closer look at what WeatherBug can do for you, and check out the testimonials from many satisfied users who have found it to be an invaluable addition to the library of apps.

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