The Concept of PageRank


PageRank is Google’s method of counting the amount of links on a site and making a judgement about how important the site is based on those links. That being said, Google doesn’t only rely on the importance of a page ranked highly by PageRank alone, because it wouldn’t bring up things relative only to certain search terms. To fix this problem, Google uses text-matching to find the sites and forums most relative to whatever it is a user may be searching for across the web.

Google Works Because…

Google as a whole not only works but excels in all that they do because they rely on websites across the internet to link to high-authority websites and tell them who is more important, relevant and popular on the web. The more people clicking and hanging around on a certain website, the better the site in Google’s eyes. Why? Because it proves to Google that the site is of high authority and has a low bounce rate, which means people are enjoying what they’re seeing.

What is RankBrain?

Google’s Rankbrain is an artificial intelligence that helps Google process search engine queries. Why is this helpful? Because especially for voice search, SEO’s know now that they need to optimize their content for real-time spoken language. Like “Mexican restaurants near me” or something similar.

How Does it Work?

Google’s PageRank assigns a certain rank or particular score to any given search result. Pretty much the higher the page scores on Google’s PageRank algorithm, the further up in the Search Engine Results Pages it will appear. These scores are determined by the sheer number of other websites and web pages that link to the site that is being ranked. Each link that is earned for a given site is counted as a vote in its favor when it comes to PageRank.

Is it important to know all about Google’s Pagerank? We think so. Why? Because how else will you know how to properly rank your site and for it to show up on Google? That’s why staying informed when it comes to SEO is ALWAYS a good idea.

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