The Importance of Backing Up Your Data Offsite


Every business uses some form of IT or online data as part of their business operations, and most will be aware of data backups and why it is important. However, many businesses or business owners aren’t aware of the importance, with many choosing to ignore the subject. Due to a lack of time or money for data backups, many businesses don’t make good use of the backup solutions they currently have in place, and many more don’t have a solution in place at all, and this poses a big problem.

Research suggests that, for companies that lost crucial files or data for more than 10 days, 93% of them closed down within one year of the data loss. This is a very, very worrying statistic and highlights exactly why offsite data backup is important to businesses and their future success.

Backing up your Data

Businesses store and use data that is essential to their business, such as client data and data that is used for business operations, and if this is lost then the business may suffer significantly. Not only is data loss sure to have a big effect on the way that your business works, but it may even cause further problems that you never thought your business would have to face. The loss of data may lead to customers taking legal action against you, meaning financial implications and damage to the reputation of the business, of which may never be restored.

With human error and cyber attacks both being threats to the data that your business stores and uses, data backup has never been such a hot topic. These aren’t the only issues your business may face however, with phishing scams, ransomware invasions and other forms of cyber attacks very prominent.

The Advantages of Offline Data Storage

Although offsite storage companies aren’t a new revolutionary idea, with many having been around for quite some years, offsite data storage is a very good way of providing the security that your data requires. Businesses throughout the UK are using offsite data storage for the backup of their data, with even some of the most technologically savvy businesses understanding the real benefits of offsite data storage. For businesses that store a lot of data for their business, the ability to store backup copies of it at an offsite location is something that really appeals to them, particularly because all of their backup data can be stored in one place.

Secure document storage facilities that work with businesses to store their data will typically have CCTV, 24 hour security and specialist storage equipment, all specifically designed to provide the ultimate security to your data. By backing up your data at an offsite location rather than on the cloud, you are also able to manage your documents better, being sure of what you have and where it is, helping you to decide what you want to do with it at any point.

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