The In-Car Technology Features, that make Driving Less Worrying

In the modern era, technology is believed to make life easier. But often, computers leave people fuming at their equipment. The worse is the number of cars on the road, which keeps increasing with time. Nowadays, road rage is gradually becoming an ever-present problem, and the stress levels of the public are rising.

Fortunately, there are some clever and intelligent minds out there, who came up with the idea of combining computer technology with car industry. They have created some innovative gadgets, to make your driving experience safer, enjoyable, and less worrying. Here are some of the very best to keep you stable throughout your journey.

Parrot Asteroid Mini

The sophisticated Parrot Asteroid Mini us a dashboard-mounted software system, created to integrate with your mobile phone and car’s audio system, to allow voice-activated calls. The Parrot Asteroid Mini offers access to all your audio sources and music. It also provides applications for driver assistance together with alerts, points of interest, navigation tools, and web radio.

This device consists of a hands-free wireless remote control, and a straight 3.2-inch full colour screen for safer driving experience.

GoPro HD

The GoPro HD is believed to be the world’s most handy camera. This device is an amazing gadget used for producing films of your drive time operation. This high-quality camera features all the attachments you need, and several adhesive mounts to fix on your dashboard. You can also fix it on any other part of your car. In addition, the GoPro HD is a waterproof camera to a depth of 60 metres. It means that you can attached it to the exterior of your car in rainy weather conditions.

Griffin iTrip

Griffin iTrip is a versatile gadget, that can be connected to your mobile phone to transmit audio on a radio frequency. It is now affiliated with the Aha app by Harman. After having installed the app, you can tune it over 30,000 radio stations. You can then listen to them through your car’s sound system. This app can also be configured, picking up traffic reports and local radio stations for weather, and updating you with points of interest.

Road Angel Gem

This great device can help you avoid troubles with the police. It warns you on your way of upcoming speed cameras, and indicates you about the speed limit where you are. In another word, it keeps you safe and in compliance with local laws.

Road Angel Gem holds one of the most accurate and detailed database of accident black spots, road hazards, speed camera locations, and speed limit. The speed limit that you need to respect while travelling is regularly shown in the corner of the device’s screen. This helps you to manage your speed for comfort and safety.

Devium Dash

The Devium Dash is designed to hold any mobile phone, and hook it straight into your car’s stereo system. So, using the Devium Dash will let you access audio functions such as FM/AM radio for Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calls, weather updates, input jack for auxiliary devices, and many other great features. While it is attached, your phone is recharged.

These In-Car Technology Features are very important nowadays, to keep you safe while driving.

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