The Inexorable Rise of Online Casino Gambling


As we recover from another great race week at Cheltenham – hopefully with fuller pockets – it’s clear to most of us that the age of the high-street bookie is slowly but surely being replaced by the online agent.

Whilst pop up bookies will always be present at the best race weeks across the UK, the world of online betting is becoming increasingly popular – and for those who like to try their luck it’s often where the biggest wins can be made.

But why are so many betting agents choosing to leave the high street?

Digital media and technology is slowly replacing many aspects of our life – Blockbuster was replaced by Netflix, the Yellow Pages by Google and even the jobs pages in the paper has been replaced with a whole world of websites and apps online.

With so many changes, those not moving towards the digital sphere will likely be left behind and with the merger of two of the biggest British high street bookies and consequential closing of many shops, many of us are wondering whether the increase of online agents are to blame.

Oftentimes much better deals can be found online – in fact many online booking agents will match your first bet, offer free bets and offer one off odds that can pay out much more than a traditional high-street agent.

In order to attract new customers in an extremely busy market place many online booking agents attract new customers with great sign up deals – but with so many to choose from, how do you know which offer is best for you?

To find the best deal for you it’s often best to use a website or forum that lists all gambling sites and what deals they offer, in order to find the one that suits you best.

Online gambling isn’t limited to placing bets on various sporting events, like in a traditional betting shop, players can enjoy slots, card games, roulette and fruit machines – all without leaving the comfort of your sofa or even bed.

Whether you enjoy a flutter on the horses, trying your luck with a hand of poker or simply seeing how much you can win on a fruit machine – online gambling sites offer something for everyone and with so many great deals and offers, there is no better time to leave behind the high street agent and to start enjoying the freedom of gambling whether you’re on the train home from work, in the doctor’s waiting room or simply from the comfort of your own bed.

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