Tips For Running A Great Minecraft Server

In the world of Minecraft, servers come and servers go, and users will shop around for the best servers that give them all they want and need. So how can you make sure that your Minecraft server is the best it possibly can be? In the following blog post we will outline some handy tips to help you run the best server that you will enjoy managing and people will enjoy playing on.

Choose The Best Hardware

Obviously, the first thing you need when it comes to running a Minecraft server for yourself and other players, is reliable Minecraft server hosting. If you had plans to host your own server from your own laptop or PC, think again. Not only is this incredibly dangerous, but you do not have an ISP suitable for hosting.

Even if it were the case that you had an internet connection that could handle hosting your own server, your computer has not been designed for such tasks. Fortunately there are great companies out there that will handle your Minecraft server hosting for you.

Get Yourself A Website

Although many people think they can do it without this, it is a great way to provide your community with a hub. You can send stats from your server to the site so that all your users and players can visit and see. You can also use it to post news and other general, but important information.

Act Professionally

Remember that when you are running a Minecraft server, you are offering a service to other Minecraft users. So, although you might feel odd being professional for something that is essentially your hobby, you need to establish the right kind of environment and relationship between you and your users.

Therefore, it is also important to follow the rules and regulations you set out for gameplay on your server. Never make it a practice to spawn items for your users, no matter how desperate they are. Avoid giving a player food just because his energy and life meter is down low. If you want to help him or her out, give them tips or advice on how to get food.

Advertise And Admit Players

Is a Minecraft server really anything at all, if there is no-one actually playing on it? With this in mind, you may have to advertise your server to encourage players to use it. Without suitable and effective advertising, players will only find it and how to access it only through the word on the street.

Although this technique will encourage the best players to your server, it will still mean that you have a server sitting empty for the majority of the day.

Aside from the above, the most crucial thing to keep in mind when you decide to run a Minecraft server is to actually enjoy it. If you get no joy out of it, it is something you really shouldn’t be doing and you should perhaps leave it to someone else.

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