Top 10 Free IOS Gaming Apps

Everyone loves freebies, especially free games, but with so many apps available it’s difficult to know which are download-worthy for a high-quality gaming experience and which will try rip you off with in-app purchases. So, we’ve rounded up the top 10 free iOS gaming apps that will bring your device to life for free.

Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer


In this award-winning, hand-drawn, deck-building card game you’re a powerful champion within the world of Vigil. Ascension has outstanding features, you can play against friends, and enjoy hours of engaging, strategic gameplay.

Casino Games


The fabulous Casino Games app is perfect for those who love top quality online casino games. Expect exciting graphics, fun themes, fantastic bonuses, the ability to play and chat with others, and a real-life casino gaming experience.

Crossy Road – Endless Arcade Hopper

It’s incredibly simple with a single level that goes on and on, yet Crossy Road won the 2015 Apple Design Award and has over 100,000,000 downloads. Your protagonist must try hop safely across train-lines, busy highways, and rivers of floating logs in a graphically alluring game.

Dumb Ways to Die


picDumb Ways to Die was a campaign video by Metro Trains Melbourne to promote rail safety that went viral and now, in the game, the lives of those adorable characters are in your hands as you help them avoid trains. It’s funny, superfast, and riveting!


Powder – Alpine Simulator

This gorgeously designed, minimalist skiing simulator features an endless mountain of snow where you get to practice your skiing skills as you avoid challenging obstacles down the slopes. It’s intuitive, addictive, and mesmerizing.


picThrees! is an award-winning numbers puzzler with talking blocks that has taken the world by storm with thousands out there weaving numbers together on a board to match them up before it fills up. This is a brain challenger at its best.

Online Roulette


Spinning the wheel of fortune has never been more fun than with Online Roulette. Choose from the top roulette platforms, chat with other players, and enjoy superb graphics, outstanding bonuses and great surprises.

99 Rockets

picYou’ve got 99 rockets to hit 99 targets. It seems simple, but 99 Rockets is fantastic, addictive and requires super human skills to complete a game by hitting all the targets as they meander along skinny tracks that start looping while the darts start spinning.


picSeashine is a beautiful, intuitive game with wonderful music where you are born a jellyfish on an endless quest to maintain your fading light as you come up against creatures in the abyss of the ocean depths.

Online Casino

picThis app has it all — blackjack, slots, roulette, baccarat, scratch cards, arcade games and more. In fact, this Online Casino app offers the best, most reliable platforms, a real casino ambience, an outstanding UX, game reviews, chat functionality, and first-class promos and bonuses.

These gaming apps promise pitch-perfect, hours of fun and all absolutely free!

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