Top 4 Security Benefits of Using SharePoint Online

One thing is for sure, Microsoft knows how to provide quality security features. Now, it is making a shift in its platform by transitioning into a cloud-based Office. With the new SharePoint Online, you can ensure that there are a number of benefits you need to watch out for!

Let us start with the basics – security benefits of SharePoint Online. What Microsoft is bringing to the table is a hassle-free and secure way of handling data. Here are the top security benefits of SharePoint Online:

1. Intelligent Security Graph

The guys at Microsoft have innovated graph-based intrusion detection systems that assist in recognizing any unwanted and unapproved access. This was made through a highly advanced data analysis method concerning algorithms to terabytes of telemetry data which are accumulated every day. Moreover, this aspect is accessible to the security team of Office 365. It assists in their proactive threat reduction efforts.

2. No Data Mining

As compared to other cloud-based platforms, Office 365, which is a SharePoint Online version, does not allow data mining or the access of data for any form of advertising. With a lower chance of data mining, there is an increase in privacy and security. Furthermore, the risk of misusing any information is eliminated.

3. Data Protection Agreement

Another security benefit of the SharePoint Online involves the signing of the standard contractual clauses of the European Union (EU). These contractual clauses are called the “EU Model Clauses,” and Office 365 was the very first business public cloud service provider to sign it.

So, what does this mean to all of its users? Well, Microsoft Office 365 has become the only public cloud service provider that implemented the management controls and security processes defined by ISO 27001.

4. Azure Rights Management

The new Office 365 has achieved a data protection service through integrating with the services of Azure Information Protection (AIP). As a result, the initial configuration required before document libraries can be secured is lowered. This can be very beneficial as anyone can acquire an Azure RMS for Individuals subscription!

The RMS for Individuals is a subscription designed for those who are part of the organization but has not deployed the Azure RMS. With this, they can read the protected content by the company while protecting their own content.

Now, businesses can enjoy the many features provided by Microsoft and can use their Information Rights Management feature by Azure RMS. You can now both protect content as well as consume protected content.

SharePoint Is Ready To Be Used

In the end, we live in a world of technological advancement. There have been so many innovations that have automated our mundane tasks and have provided an array of possibilities. Among these possibilities are risks. With the internet being full of data and content being stored and retrieved, it is hard to keep up with the software that may pose any harm or risk to any of your confidential information. Reach out to a certified SharePoint consultant and development firm for further information. With that in mind, it is important to always check the security benefits of a particular software so as to ensure the privacy of an individual and an organization.

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