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It is hardly possible to imagine a modern student who does not use any of the widely available Apps for education! It is no wonder in the age of technology, online learning, virtual classes, social networks, and a vast amount of information freely available online! From the young children who have not learned how to read yet (think Minecraft!) to the working parents who resume their studies or pursue a different career and have no time to sit in the college, – the applications for education have revolutionized the way we perceive education and the learning today. In this article, we tell you about the top Apps for education to help you with your study needs, improve your grades, save your time, and bring some fun!

Just think of online homework help when you are stuck with the homework! For example, there is Homework Lab, a student collaboration platform, where you can connect to an experienced Geek in a subject of your choice and receive professional help with your urgent assignments. Imagine a situation when you are stuck with a textbook chapter or cannot understand a particular rule! A few decades ago, all you had to do is pray that a teacher somehow misses you in the classroom and decides not to call your name! The situation is totally different today and the help is already available, thanks to technology advancements!

This time we want to tell you about amazing education applications that will greatly enhance your times of study (and the times of leisure, too)!

  • Amazon Kindle! You have probably heard about it before, but it is worth mentioning! In addition to being a much cheaper source of the books, compared to the physical counterparts, you can even find free reference guides, textbooks, special offers, and recommendations! Downloading this great application, you can also share and store lots of digital books without the piles of books taking free space in your room!
  • Coursera Online Courses! A kind of an online school application! It has lots of diverse lessons and virtual classes that any student can take! With over 1000 courses, you can choose even the Quantum Coming among other subjects! Lectures, video assignments, writing, and reading – it has it all. It has an old-school approach to learning with the use of the modern technologies. As the Geeks, we believe that it is the best of both worlds in education!
  • Duolingo Application! One of the best and most convenient educational applications, which allows you to translate the text that you may encounter to a language of your choice. You can learn any language anywhere with the elements of an exciting play. No more strict and angry teachers! Learn when you feel like learning!
  • TED! You have guessed it right – it is all about the TED Talk phenomenon! An application makes it possible to access a great library of more than 1700 TED Talk videos where the words of true tech geniuses, musical legends, leadership wizards, and great business personalities can both teach and inspire you!
  • StudyBlue! A true gem of education here! This application allows you to create and share all the kinds of flashcards, educational guides, quizzes on all topics. Moreover, you can search and choose anything related to your subject and see the tips that other students have shared!

As we have mentioned, there are even great education applications for the school students in grades 3-8 that help to learn Geography, Physics, and the Life Sciences anywhere!

  • The Legends of Learning application! Meet one of the best and most popular applications for education that will keep both students and teachers busy discovering the wonders of science!

Without a doubt, the options for learning with the help of technology are truly endless! You can always learn more by keeping up with the news on our amazing tech blog that will keep your thirst for all the news in technology, business, computers, education, and gaming satisfied! As soon as the news arrives, we always hurry to be the first to tell you of all the techno tricks and lifehacks! Our mission is to treat you with a something to learn and benefit from all the great things that technology has to offer!

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