Using your technology knowledge in an investment career

The way in which Information Technology and increases in computing power have surged ahead in the first 15-years of the 21st Century has caused the way we work to be transformed. For many people this can be as simple as having greater connectivity and better tools for going about their day-to-day job but for others it has opened up a completely new world of opportunities, allowing access to careers that might have been unavailable to them previously.

Electronic trading

In the past, all forms of trading in stocks, shares, commodities and currencies were pretty much a closed shop only accessible to stockbrokers, banks, major companies and highly skilled specialists. In many cases, this was because the technology itself was too expensive or closely guarded by those who controlled each particular market. Today things are very different, as a good internet connection can give you access to real-time data from across the world detailing up to the minute movements in all types of markets.


Making money from money has long been the basis for investments of all kinds. The idea that you can help fund a business and then, if it is successful, gain returns on your investment, is the way things have worked for centuries. Global stock markets and domestic property markets are prime examples of the way this works for people of all incomes and status. However, the idea of making money from money by trading on the international currency markets is something that has only recently become popular with ambitious individuals. This forex trading offers a real opportunity to make money but you have to know how to proceed. For the technology savvy, using skills already acquired to analyse data and make the most of online connectivity can mean you are all set to make a good return on investment without leaving your home.


One of the attractive things about forex is that you don’t need any formal qualifications to get started. However, learning the tricks of the trade is a different matter, and someone who isn’t fully prepared that just starts buying and selling currency is likely to experience monetary losses very quickly.

The best way to Learn Forex Trading is to listen to what already successful traders have to say. There are online courses to teach you the fundamentals of forex trading, including how to apply a Risk Management strategy and work out how to identify potentially profitable trades.

Technology works

Although psychology plays a large part in becoming a successful trader in any type of investment, knowing your way around the technology involved has become an essential skill. If you are ambitious and think that you could become self-sufficient by applying your skills to trading, there’s no reason not to start right away and try your hand in a small way – it might lead to bigger things in the long term.

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