What is Smart Technology?


The next big thing in the area of smart technology is moving into the home.  Making use of a combination of technological systems in the home is a new trend, but seems to be the way the future is going.  A smart home can be defined as home that is furnished with lighting, heating as well as electronic devices such as TV’s that are remotely controlled using a smartphone or computer.

Making the move to a smarter home can make controlling each aspect of how the home operates much easier and will also increase safety.  Home owners will also find that a smart home means a more efficient home, which will result in energy savings as well as the upkeep of the home.

Types of Smart Appliances

Homeowners can now install appliances which can be controlled by apps.  Smart washing machines such as those made by LG make use of Smart ThinQ technology can be controlled by remote from smartphones and TV’s.  In this way appliances and devices can communicate with each other.  Users can watch a TV programme and get an update on their laundry cycle.

Smart fridges will help users to be more organised.  Grocery receipts can be scanned with a smartphone and the fridge will keep track of the items as well as when they expire.  Users can also scan the barcodes of each item.  The fridge will update users when items are needed or will expire.  The fridge can also compose recipes based on dietary preferences of the family and can even place an online order for groceries.

Smart vacuum cleaners have been popular for a while, they are cordless and will automatically adjust to different surfaces.  These smart cleaners will move around the house and return to its home base for recharging.

Security is always a big issue and there are home security systems that can be controlled via Wi-Fi and allows homeowners to monitor and control their home security from anywhere in the world.  The camera comes with a built in web server with a continuous recording ability and this is then streamed to a smartphone.

There are also dishwashers that have a sensor which determines how much water and detergent is needed.  The Miele dishwasher comes with Remote Vision technology and this will alert the user via Wi-Fi if a malfunction occurs.  This smart dishwasher also includes LED lighting, 10 cycles and is less noisy.

Help for Disabled and Elderly

Smart homes are helpful when it comes to the elderly or disabled as smart technology can assist them in various daily tasks using voice commands.  Automated systems will relieve any unnecessary stress when it comes to things like lawn care.  As this technology develops difficult tasks will become much simpler and will help improve flexibility and give independence to those who are not capable of certain tasks in the home. Whether it is turning on a computer to play online pokies real money NZ games or turning up the heat, smart technology can help in every way.

Energy Saving

Saving on energy is important and smart technology has a big role to play in this.  This technology will enable certain appliances to work with minimal energy.  An example of this is a stove that has sensors that will only heat up when a metal pan is placed on it, this means no more wastage as pots and pans overheat.  These stoves will also reach a perfect boiling point using minimal energy.

Smart home technology is the way of the future and will  in the long run be cost effective and be useful in saving and making daily life more efficient.

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