What Windows 10 means for PC Gaming!

With Windows 10 now out and details about new features and updates being released the real question should be what will Windows 10 mean for gamers? Here are the key features and how they’ll affect PC owners.

Let’s start with the fact that there is now an Xbox One app built into Windows 10, which connects players to their consoles and brings an Xbox-style dashboard experience to PC gaming. Furthermore the app will allow users to access their friends list, their messages, and information about their Xbox games from their desktop. Alongside this one of the most intriguing new features is Cross-play, which essentially allows you to play an Xbox One game online with people playing the PC version. This is a completely uncommon feature in the current gaming landscape and it’ll be exciting to see how it shapes up. Elsewhere Windows 10 will support game streaming across platforms, meaning PC owners will now be able to stream games from their Xbox One to their PCs via a local wireless network.

When Microsoft began detailing new features of its upcoming Windows 10 operating system, one of those features they talked about was DirectX 12, and for gamers it was one of the most important. As DirectX 12 is the new version of Microsoft’s long-running game development application programming interface (API) and software development kit (SDK) collection, which helps programmers get the most out of PC hardware. Currently more than one hundred partners are developing with DirectX 12 to create the best-looking games for Windows 10 devices, including Epic Games, Stardock, Square Enix, and more, which is great news for PC gamers. Furthermore according to Microsoft DirectX 12 will significantly boost the graphics performance on your current hardware, and works with major graphics engines like Unity3D and Unreal Engine 4.4.

DirectX 12 will also include a new GPI Multiadaptor feature, which allows programmers to improve performance by sharing tasks between the integrated graphics chipset in your PC’s CPU and any discrete graphics accelerator card you install whether it’s from Intel, AMD or Nvidia. In other words, all your graphics hardware will be able to work together in your system. In all DirectX 12 will be a huge performance gainer for PC gamers and will allow developers to code closer to the metal with reduced CPU bottlenecks.

Other new features of Windows 10 that would be of interest to gamers is firstly virtual reality, as Oculus announced that its Rift VR headset would launch with native support for Windows 10. Furthermore as well being an Xbox One controller, the Oculus Rift has the ability to stream Xbox One games to its headset. Alongside this you’ll have Microsoft’s standalone augmented-reality headset, which will run Windows 10 and give users access to a range of holographic apps. From this this you can gauge that Microsoft wants Windows 10 to be the operating system of choice for all PC-based virtual reality headsets and technologies.

So to sum up where does that leave PC gamers? Well Windows 10 stands to be the biggest release for PC gamers in a long time with improvements across the board. Moreover Windows 10 stands to bring in a lot more gaming focus than any previous version of Windows with the Xbox integration and streaming, so it seems Microsoft may have found a winner with Windows 10 for all their users.

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