Who Are ProDrone?


ProDrone is a Japanese company, established in 2015, and specializing in industrial drone systems manufacture.  They have developed a large range of both industrial and commercial drones through making development agreements with a number of other industrial drone companies and they cite their motto on their website, that is that they want to be the company other drone manufacturing companies come to for help.

This year, ProDrone have made headlines globally, along with plenty of other tech inventions like wearables. The company has now unveiled the world’s very first dual arm robot drone, the PD6B-AW-ARM, which has 2 internally developed robotic arms allowing the drone to perform a number of different tasks.

Drones Then And Now

Drones are known as UAVs which stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and are essentially flying robots.   They were first used, almost exclusively in the military – the first recorded incident of drone usage being in 1849, when Austria attacked Venice using unmanned aerial balloons filled with explosives. Of course, that initial attempt at using drones backfired, with several of the balloons floating back into Austrian territory.

After World War 1, unmanned aircraft began to surface.  The first mass produced example of the was the brainchild of Reginald Denny, who was a famous Hollywood actor.  He had a passion for remote controlled droned, which prompted him to start Reginald Denny Company.  The company were the producers of the radio plane, and he improved the design and concept of this for the US army in World War 2.

Since then dramatic improvements to drone technology and technology in general have taken place.  From the internet, to the games mobile casino Canada sites have to offer, tech has advanced in every way. In the last 10 years or so, drone manufacturers have been aiming their development efforts towards drones used in mapping, spraying pesticides, photography and filming, but an increasingly strong demand has been developing for drones to be able to master particular hands on tasks.

Drones need to be able to perform these tasks at high altitudes that would be too dangerous for their human counterparts, for example being able to grasp and carry oddly shaped cargo, to cut cables, to turn dials and flip switches all in a variety of places and spaces too dangerous or too expensive for a human to get to.


ProDrone’s PD6B-AW-ARM is the world’s first drone with arms.  It can carry up to a maximum of 10kg and can fly for up to 30 minutes at a time with a maximum speed of 60km per hours, and a maximum flying altitude of 5000m.  The drone comes with 2 extremely high performance, 5 axis robotic arms, giving the drone the ability to perform a wide range of tasks – a far wider range than any drone before it.

ProDrone says that they are focussing on meeting the need for UAVs with carrying and transporting features.  They hope to continue with the development of further task orientated drones in the future.

The PD6B-AW-ARM was released to the public at the Las Vegas InterDrone show this month, but as of yet, no price tag has been attached to it.

The world’s very first drone with arms has amazing potential to be of assistance and help in a variety of different scenarios.  It is interest to think what ProDrone will think of next!

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