Why Should You Invest in 24/7 IT Security?


It’s easy to put off the idea of investing in 24/7 IT monitoring. After all, this is only something that is easy to appreciate the need for once an IT problem has occurred, so many companies resist making the jump to complete coverage.

Unfortunately, following that urge can place the data, and ultimately the life, of your business at risk. Here are just three reasons why 24/7 monitoring is the way to go.

  1. Problems Will Be Immediately Detected

24/7 monitoring doesn’t mean there will someone looking at the health of your physical or virtual IT infrastructure waiting for a light to turn from green to red. What it does mean is that a qualified IT technician will be alerted as soon as a problem occurs. They will then be able to determine what is wrong and start working to resolve the issue without delay. Without 24/7 monitoring, the problem is allowed to get bad before it is even noticed.

  1. Constant Security

Sometimes your security will be breached without causing any problems, at least for a while. It’s important to have high-grade, up-to-date software to make sure you’re protected, but 24/7 technicians will be able to monitor your network’s firewall and anti-virus solutions remotely to check that they are working. Regular updates can be carried out without you needing to worry, and security patches can be added to minimise the risks associated with known threats.

  1. Improved Efficiency

24/7 monitoring lets you and your staff get on with what you’re good at instead of forcing you to deal with the nitty-gritty of IT systems. However, this is just one of the ways that monitoring can help. Your technicians will also be able to plan updates and software changes around your working hours to ensure a minimum of disruption. That means reduced downtime for you and your team.

24/7 IT monitoring might sound like the kind of service you only need if you’re a huge company, or one that happens to deal in international espionage. However, it’s a step that every company should take in order to protect itself, and there are plenty of affordable options available to fit a variety of needs.

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