Why You Need Merchant Account Solutions



The 21st century is firmly underway, and we are rapidly changing our spending habits. This is in no small part down to the rise of the credit and debit card, by far now the most preferred form of payment in face to face transactions (as well as, of course, when shopping on the internet). Indeed, 66% of all transactions are now paid for with a card; this is a figure that no retailer or commercial entity, no matter the size, cannot afford to overlook. If you don’t already take card payments, you need to check out the solutions on offer from Merchant Account Solutions, a leading name in the supply of credit card processing machines and other such equipment.

Merchant Account Solutions will provide you with a free credit card processing terminal, and they have models for all forms of business, as well as the software and app to allow you to take card payments. They also promise the most competitive processing rates in the business, and offer you a challenge in which they will pay you $100 if they find they cannot match your current levels of payment. This is an established company with great credentials, so you are in safe hands along with all their other satisfied clients.

Save Time and Make More Money

People like to pay with credit or debit cards because it saves them money, and it can save you money too. Indeed, if they are using the latest contactless cards, which process smaller amounts without the need for a PIN, the time saving is considerable. Also, did you know that as many as 175million people in the USA alone carry at least one card? This shows the massive amount of business you could be missing out on if you don’t take card payments and, let’s be honest, even the smallest businesses are card-friendly now.

It’s also been proven that people spend more when using a card, by as much as 20%. This means your credit card processor could earn you money simply by being there! It’s really not an issue of whether you need to invest in the Merchant Account Solutions credit card solution, but that you need to do it as quickly as you can. Bringing your business into the 21st century is a wise and sensible move, especially with a free card and minor processing charges.

With an excellent deal such as that from Merchant Account Solutions, including a free credit card machine, you really need to get in touch with them and see how they can help. They have an expert team with all the knowledge and expertise you need to help you on the way to accepting card payments, and you are ready to take your business forward. Have a look at the website now for more information, or to get in touch and talk to one of their friendly team about the future, for the future really is in credit card and debit card payments for all businesses.

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